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What Is Aerial Video Photography All About?


Aerial video photography is a field of photography that deals with taking pictures using a camera that is placed high above any subject. To be able to capture aerial video photographs, a photographer must go up a helicopter, airplane, glider, or hot air balloon to capture the perfect shot. Alternatively, the camera alone can also be placed on a kite, tall pole, or balloon and have the picture taken with the use of a remote control. Doing aerial video photography of high level can also be done with the aid of satellites, space stations, parachutes, dirigibles, blimps, or rockets. It is vital to remember that the camera being up in the air should not always have the company of a photographer to be able to take aerial video photographs. The reason being that remote or automatic controls can already get the job done from afar.


Aerial video photography Vancouver UAV drone can be used in many ways. It is commonly used in doing motion picture production, surveillance, real estate, architectural studies, military planning, environmental impact studies, as well as mapping. A lot of people are surely no strangers when it comes to live blimp videos being taken in football stadiums. Photographs that are being captured from the air are typically being utilized in commercial advertising, land use planning, and real estate sales. It is also being used newly in doing internet searches, art, animal and property surveys, and pollution verification.


You can also achieve a panoramic view of your subject from the air if you combine aerial photos to make one big photo of it. You are guaranteed to get a flawless photo out of it. Even though a few problems could take place with aerial video photography such as registration and perspective, you do not have to worry about them if you get the services of a professional aerial video photographer. Model airplanes are also being used for aerial video photos. It is possible to be taking an aerial video photograph by making use of either a video camera or a still camera with the aid of a remote control with or without an operator. Watch this video at for more tips about photography and videography.


There are several professional aerial video photographers that you can hire. There are also several companies that have plane access that prefer getting aerial pictures of their own business establishments and buildings. Amateurs can also experiment with aerial video photography. This can be facilitated by making use of poles, model airplanes, as well as kites. Panorama cameras also play a significant role in aerial video photography. By using them, there is no more need to stitch together photographs because they already provide extra wide angle long shots.


Aerial video photography Vancouver UAV drone also come in handy when it comes to traffic control because they provide an aerial view of intersections that are busy. They also serve as good aerial cameras inside casino and store roofs.